Comprehensive service for all cargoes in non-EU countries - German ports - European Union countries.

We specialize in sea and air freight forwarding via the ports of Western Europe and in comprehensive service of transports between: third countries – German ports – EU countries, in particular to Poland.

We offer transport of

  • Containers 20′, 40′, 45′
  • full-vehicle cargoes
  • mixed cargoes/LCL
  • cool-chain cargoes
  • oversize cargoes and logistics projects
  • hazardous cargoes (ADR)


We provide comprehensive services of road transport at home and abroad.

Road transport

We perform “door to door” deliveries from German sea and air ports to Poland, with no warehouse trans-shipments, which enables us to shorten the time of delivery by up to 24 hours.

Thanks to our own fleet and our contractors we perform cargo transfers with all types of vehicles and trailers.

We organize:

  • transfer of food products and those which require a supervised temperature during transport,
  • transport of neutral and bulk products,
  • transport of oversize and hazardous cargoes,
  • performance of individual orders, based on specific customer needs.

Rail transport

Thanks to our cooperation with national and foreign rail operators we offer a full service of all transport directions.


We guarantee:

  • a timely and safe shipment,
  • monitoring on each stage of performance of transport services,
  • an individual and professional approach to every Customer and order,
  • attractive and competitive transport rates,
  • assistance in making the choice of the best transport solutions.


With regard to sea freight forwarding we are competitive both in terms of our prices and the quality of services. Our offer is notable for its flexibility with non-standard expectations of the customer.

We specialize in managing imports from the Far East, in particular in comprehensive service of import from China.

We offer:

  • 20′, 40′, 45′ containers transfer, mixed cargo service, transport of bulk products, conventional mixed cargo and oversize cargo,
  • transport in all directions of the world through ports in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain,
  • a professional team dedicated to the management of sea transport shipments,
  • access to innovative solutions,
  • our own port and customs services which guarantee a direct freight forwarding supervision of shipments and coordination of activities,
  • advisory services related to transport,
  • a network of agents around the world,
  • the possibility to organise integrated transports in foreign markets and supervision of logistics chain,
  • a package of additional services, including logistic services delivered in our own warehouses,
  • a service consisting in preparing cargo for sea transport, its packaging, stowage and attaching cargo in the containers at the shipper’s inland premises.

We offer:

  • a whole range of services,
  • handling all types of cargoes,
  • a high percentage of timely deliveries,
  • the possibility to organise transport through almost any port in the world,
  • warehouses directly in the port.


We cooperate with the biggest airlines and thus are able to deliver and import goods to and from any place on Earth, under optimum conditions for the customer.

Thanks to a significant network of agents we ensure a comprehensive management of cargoes, from the organisation of transport of goods to the port of origin, their storage, distribution and customs clearance.


A comprehensive service of customs clearance is a natural complement of the Poltrans Internationale Speditionsgesellschaft mbH offer.

We ensure specialist customs clearance of sea, land (road and rail) and air freight forwarding, as well as customs clearance not linked to the organisation of transport. After all, customs clearance of goods imported to Poland from third countries in transit through German ports under the conditions of fiscal representation is a particularly advantageous solution for importers from Poland and other countries in the EU.

An integral part of this service is:

  • phytosanitary and veterinary clearance,
  • issue of the T2L document,
  • INTRASTAT reports.

This procedure allows to delay the duty to account for the VAT tax in Poland.

Since we possess a sufficiently high protection against customs and tax liabilities, we also provide transport in the customs transfer procedure against the T1 document of goods of high value, up to EURO 1 million.

Moreover, for exported goods we offer customs clearance in German ports by reporting them in the ZAPP and BHT system.

AEO Certificate Certificate of the Authorized Economic Operator AEO is a guarantee of high quality of services provided by the company. It is issued by the Ministry of Finance to the entrepreneurs who comply with the terms of the Union Customs Code.


It is possible to lease specialist trailers adequate for containers transport from the Poltrans GmbH company.

They are, subject to availability, standard Schmitz-Cargobull, Koegel or Krone trailers. Depending on the contract option, the trailer lease holder may count with preference treatment in obtaining Poltrans orders for the transport of containers. Medium- and long-term cooperation is preferred.

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